Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Visual evidence!

So, you think I'm making up these marvelous stories, eh, Mr RR? Check out these photos from The Oregonian:

Yes, those are goats!

I read the story today (10/13/10) in The Oregonian, front of the Metro section.  As I was reading it I thought, I wonder if RR reads the local rag in addition to his east coast paper?  I had been at work about an hour when I received a telephone call from the man himself confirming that he had read the paper and had to concede that, yes, this shit is true!

Remember, you saw it here first!  The Portland Report is ahead of the curve, people!  We are on the street, checking out our little slice of heaven and reporting back to you, our faithful readers.


  1. yup, rr here ... having to apologize for the PR trying to up its readership with outlandish stories. was afraid I would be reading about flying saucers next! guess you showed me! you are on the cutting edge (unless the big "O" is using you as its source!

    but, you still need to confirm w/ photo proof those beaver, opps ... i mean log surfin' squirrels you've writing up!

    don't worry, I am gonna check where the tiny "o" gets their stories and most probably photoshopped pics from!

  2. that squirrel is long gone, my friend. down the willamette, down the columbia, probably hanging out wharfside in astoria by now...

  3. have to really say sorry. drove by the herd of 'em on sunday. cars practically double-parked, and bunches of kids and parents too, ogling them pressed against the chain linked fence that surrounds 'em. hope there is enough food for those cute-sters. you may have to make it a winter project to keep them fed!