Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I hate the word 'webinar.'  I get that it's a portmanteau of web and seminar, and that it might be more efficient to say one word rather than two, but I still hate it.  It just sounds uncomfortable.

What words bug you?


  1. well, well, well, e, a column on language! i love the idea, and hope you have this as a continuing post. my problem with the word in today's article is that i would hope we could be more creative and come up with a whole new word if one finds it just too hard to utter "web seminar". now don't ask me what that word should be, 'cuz i don't wanna to go to no webinares.

    i hate a whole lotta words ... but today, there are two words that are being used together that are buggin' me: "face time" (as in, let's get some face time in). didn't we used to say the simple "meet". "meet" implied that both bodies, attached to their faces would be getting together for a little chat?

    oh, well. thanks for giving your readers a place to vent when it comes to modern word usage. you may have notice i am currently using "supadupa" to the max, but only when appropriate (as in, "i love this supadupa new column at pdxreport!"

  2. I must admit the first time I ran across the word "webinar" I found it endlessly amusing. Webinar? Really? …"Let's see Seminweb ... no that sounds like it could be a fertility pharmaceutical product. Hmmm? W.S.? Oops, no … that one's already taken. I know … WEBINAR! Why that sounds positively brainy!