Friday, October 1, 2010

Today's commute

I took a different route to work this morning. I'm glad I did! It wasn't a great commuting route, but it gave me a big smile.

I was heading east on SE 11th towards Madison and the Hawthorne Bridge. I passed Morrison and Belmont, and along that stretch before Madison there is a vacant lot. Actually, it might be an entire block. I think there was a warehouse there a few years ago that burned down. You know, by Grand Central.

Anyway, it's a vacant lot now and full of weeds and grass and blackberries. As I rode by, some movement caught my eye. I looked over and there was a flock of goats noshing on the grass and weeds! Little pygmy goats, at least a dozen of them, maybe as many as twenty.


I've heard of goats for clearing land before, but I've never seen any in Portland. And, man, we can use them on the blackberries!

Go little grazers, go!



  1. first it is a beaver, oh i mean squirrel, just a raftin' down the willamette, and now you want to have us believe there are pygmy goats in the middle of downtown eastside portland. girl, are you doing? i think you are either loosing your marbles, or making up this trash to get you readership up.

  2. i swear it's true! go look! there's sure to be goat poop all over that lot!

    i see more because i look around more than most people.

  3. That is so awesome! How did they get there? Someone brought them in? Where do they live normally, I wonder. So many questions! :)

  4. I know! I didn't see a trailer for hauling them but I was tooling along at a pretty good clip. There was a little tent/shade structure up near a gate and there must have been a water trough somewhere... I might go by again just for more info.