Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Perplexed at the Plethora

What are they thinking?  Have they done any market research or looked at the site?  I don't think so.  Here's what I'm talking about:

The main drag through inner NE Portland is Broadway.  Broadway is one way, so it has a twin running the opposite direction, NE Weidler St.  There are more businesses on the Broadway side than on the Weidler side, but certain areas of Weidler are very busy.  One of the busy areas is just west of the Lloyd Center mall.  There is a two block stretch - between NE 7th and 9th that is full of food choices.  Or food-like choices, depending on your eating habits.

Actually, I should extend that just a bit and start from NE 6th, where we have McDonalds.  One block later, Burger King.  And here's where I am scratching my head.

On the corner of Weidler and 8th is Taco Bell.  TB used to be next door to Kentucky Fried Chicken and across the street from Skippers.  Well, KFC and Skippers closed up shop at this location ~ apparently because they weren't offering enough beans in their menu.  The KFC spot is now occupied by a local  Mexican food chain called Muchas Gracias.  The Skippers site is now occupied by Chipotle.  Yes, another quasi-Mexican food place!  But, wait!  There's more!  On the very next corner, where there used to be a pizza place is now... wait for it... A MEXICAN FOOD PLACE!  This one is called Qdoba.  There is another downtown, so I'd have to guess that it's a chain as well.  What gives?  Why the plethora of Mexican food choices all crammed into this one area?  I like Mexican food real well.  It's one of my favorites.  But, four similar menus in the space of two blocks?  I don't know.  It's overkill.

Besides, the smart diner is up on Alberta getting tamales at La Bonita.  Autentico!  Tan sabroso!

What do you think?  Nice to have choices or overkill?

PS: Gager ~ is this thing working?


  1. you are living in the country of way too many choices. i am surprised that you are surprised!

  2. It's not that there are choices, it's that on this corner the choices are all the same(ish).

  3. Hey E..I tried desparately to find a way to immediately respond to this when I received the RSS feed on my phone. Alas, either I or my mobile version of blogspot cannot figure out how! One day, I will be able to delight you with timely responses : )

    We met some Californians here who semi-jokingly said "why should we listen to Oregonians about Mexican food?" when Beck and I recommended a great local restaurant called "Sol" in Newport Beach next to our RV park. I can see why they could doubt our legitimate "foodie" status if Portlanders are supporting a rash of pseudo Mexican joints littering their neighborhood!