Tuesday, February 1, 2011

At least I make myself laugh...

I was on the bus early this morning and somewhere along 5th Avenue downtown I looked up and saw Mt Hood perfectly silhouetted between two of the 'president' apartment towers.  The sun was coming up behind the mountain and the sky was just starting to glow pink.

I got out my phone to take a quick picture to share with you:

Yeah, that's right.  Pointed the damn thing the wrong way and took a picture of myself and another random bus rider on the Number 8!

Go ahead and laugh!  It's funny!  I was laughing; still am.


  1. Nice work E! I did get a great laugh out of it to start my day : )

  2. Good work Liz - you look great! Katy

  3. an almost random act takes an unexpected turn. i love those kinds of mistakes.