Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Observations from the commute

Ok, it's dark out when I go to work, but I do catch a glimpse of a few things.  Most recently, the absence of a thing.

Do you remember the auto shop parking lot in old town, on the corner of 5th and Glisan?  It's kitty-corner across from the back of the Greyhound bus terminal.  Directly across from a homeless shelter.  I believe that it has changed owners and apparently the new owners are not *art* lovers.  Or, they needed the space.

Missing from the lot is a large (and by large I mean about 15 to 20 feet tall) metal sculpture of a hand.  Reaching skyward, was it beseeching the heavens for alms?  Was it showing us the way?  Come to think of it, what the hell shape was it in?  My first thought was that it was reaching upwards, then I thought no, it was a fist.  Now I think it might have been an 'a-ok'.  Frustratingly, I can't find a picture of it on the interwebs.  Why don't one of you faithful readers refresh my memory... one of the two of you ought to remember!  Please comment!



  1. hmmm... i walk this route after i get off the bus from the burnside bridge and stroll to our gloriously wonderful train station, but it is not ringing any bells. i will point this out to jtm being as he works near this area, perhaps he will know.

  2. That darn memory is a tricky thing. I walked past the giant hand many times to and from work. First and formost I seem to remember it flashing a 1960's peace sign (or a 1940's V for victory ... depending on your vintage) at me. But in reality I know I'm making all that up. I was able to check the reality because google maps still has an old out of date street view posted on line for this location. Yes indeed that hand was flashing an A-OK to the world. Remember this next time you are asked to serve on a jury.

  3. Yay for outdated Google street view! I checked it and yep, it's the old a-ok symbol.

    Where the heck has that gone?