Friday, June 1, 2012

New business, old location

Hi There, Blog Readers!  (or should I just say Z)

Big news round my particular 'hood: There's a comic store going in on NE Broadway!  I'm excited about that!  Where, where?  You all are clamoring to know!
It's in the building on the south side of the street, just before you turn to go to Freddy's, also known as NE 30th.  There was a photocopy/print shop there for a while, and something else, and something else before that, but it's been vacant for quite some time.  There is a nail salon in the other half of the building.

I'm really hoping that they have all the gay comics!


  1. Neat! I hope it does well. It's a kind of difficult location, but lots of exposure since it's right on Broadway. I'll have to check it out next time I'm in town. :)

    Blog more!

  2. They put their sign up yesterday... It's Things From Another Planet. They've moved from Sandy Blvd. I might still go look at comics. :-)