Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soup Cycle!

We did it!  We signed up for Soup Cycle!

I love Portland!

Have you heard of this?  Do you subscribe?  How amazingly awesome is Soup Cycle?!

So, for those of you who don't know, Soup Cycle is an outfit that makes delicious organic (of course) soup and delivers it once a week by bicycle.  They will also deliver salad and bread.  You leave a cooler with ice on your porch and when you get home, voila!  Dinner is ready to be heated and slurped.

So far we have had:
Chicken minestrone
Chicken noodle
Barack-a-li Cheddar
and today we get:
Hot and Sour

Everything has been delicious so far and I am expecting that trend to continue.

If you are interested, and live within the bicycling perimeter, I heartily recommend a soupscription!  Check them out:  soupcycle.com


  1. The Hot and Sour soup was so very, very good!

  2. Ok, we just had Mulligatawny! Another awesome soup!

  3. Mmm.... that sounds souper delicious!