Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top O' Downtown

Have you been on the #8 bus lately?  Or the Max Green line?  Something is going on at the top of downtown! 

My guess is that it is Portland State getting ever bigger.  There were a few buildings in the block bounded by 5th, 6th, Jackson and College.  I say ‘were’ because all that’s left now is the last remaining cute old house.  Everything else has been knocked down and there are large excavations being dug all around.

You know what this means, right?  Yes, the Portland Bartending Academy has been forced to move!  In fact, I believe that I spotted their new facility the other day, but didn’t realize the significance until just this morning.  Unless I’m mistaken, which could certainly happen, those studious future bartenders are no longer in the University district but are now across the freeway in a strip mall.  I think they are now on SW Caruthers, but I will check that out and get back to you with a definite yea or nay.

So, what is PSU building now?  I briefly checked their website and couldn’t find a page with Urban Domination as a header.  They’re up to something, but it might take me awhile to find out just what it is…  in the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for signs.


  1. you had better find out where the bartending academy went. i used to walk past it so often thinking, would this, could this be better than my ohsu gig? if i ever need a new gig, what the hell, i will wanna know how to find the old place. and how cruel to force them outta the "u" district!

  2. it's a yea, for sure. if you are still interested in a lucrative, late night career in the service and counseling field, you could be back on the number 8 bus and headed to school. the bartending academy is indeed on sw caruthers ~ that little side street that comes out between the dry cleaners and the terwilliger plaza... your early childhood neighborhood, if i'm not mistaken. interested?

  3. hey, took an early morning walk today, and finally saw this block. the whole block is becoming a building except for one lone holdout house. guess they wouldn't sell to whatever is going on there. it has to be p.s.u., but no sign saying so. dig deeper pdx reports!