Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I swear I thought I saw...

a squirrel riding a raft down the Willamette River yesterday. A little raft, just a squirrel sized raft. No paddle, no sail, just a couple of pieces of wood lashed together.

I wonder; where was he going?


  1. i think you saw a beaver, not a squirrel. and if that is what you saw, he is going down to the newishly planted trees along the riverside walking/bike path (i think is officially called "the vera katz riverside esplanade" or something close to that). he and his other pals are eating all the friggin' trees planted there. i have seen his handiwork all over the place. get out that pink dainty little derringer you carry in your clutch, and hit him between the eyes!

  2. i would never shoot a beaver! a squirrel, yes; a beaver, no. Oregon is the Beaver State!

    plus, this little rodent had a fluffy tail, not a flat one.

  3. of course! you know that i don't carry a clutch!